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“A fabulous leader could be derailed by a dysfunctional team. An extraordinary team, could be derailed by a dysfunctional leader. And functioning teams and leaders, could be derailed by change.”
Michelle Rothstein

The higher up the ladder we go, the more important our people skills & emotional intelligence (EI) become.

We land these positions because of our incredible skill and expertise. However, at the executive level, we now need to do our work by engaging in our relationship skills; our softer skills. Developing our EI for high-performance leadership helps to manage the complexity of the systems we are working in, our positions, and our futures.

What you can expect

  • Understand, communicate, and model commitment to vision & purpose
  • Develop teams & high performers
  • Enhance collaboration
  • Lead through change
  • Give and receive feedback
  • Develop cultures of trust & accountability
  • Deal with conflict from a place of confidence
  • Build empathy, resilience, influence, and self-awareness

Become a transformative leader

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“If you focus on learning to work well with others, not only does your work improve but so does your quality of life”
Michelle Rothstein