WorkModern is a boutique professional development agency that helps your leaders, your teams, and your culture work well together.


Through coaching, mentoring, teaching, and training, we will help you and your people foster more effective, connected, inspired, and Modern workplaces.


How will you WorkModern?

Today’s working environment looks very new. We are moving faster. The pace of change is escalating more rapidly than companies are changing.


The jobs of tomorrow do not yet exist.


New challenges and new opportunities keep bubbling up. Just as we get used to a certain pattern, boom, we shift again.


So how do we help our leaders and teams keep up?

Relationships are the cornerstone of getting our work done, succeeding in our careers, and improving effectiveness of any organization.


The bonus is good relationships at work also reduce stress, unleash creativity, and create a more fun and fulfilling place to spend our days. We can go home less frazzled, less angry, get some much needed sleep, and enjoy our downtime, all by building our connections to ourselves and others.


We believe our leaders, teams, and cultures need to get comfortable with ambiguity, uncertainty, complexity, and volatility in order to succeed and excel in this new reality.


We need to move to a more solution/outcomes focused stance rather than a problem/reaction stance. We can only make that move when we improve how we relate to ourselves and others.


Who is WorkModern?

Michelle Rothstein (PCC, CPCC) and Dr. Mark Lipton (MA, PHD), are old friends with a shared passion for the power of connection and relationship.


Mark, a leading professor in the field of communication, brings enthusiasm and strong academic rigour & research; Michelle, an Executive Coach & seasoned media professional, brings business-oriented & pragmatic communication approaches.


Together, their unique blend of classroom-tested theory and action, mixed with current behavioural & scientific research, brings a practical, fun, and fresh perspective to the field of professional development.