Pay Attention To Energy

The energy that flows through each of us is full of wisdom.

Recently, I sat with a client who was practically jumping out of his seat as he shared his vision and passion for his work, and then not even five minutes later was slumped in his seat speaking in the quietest voice possible about the challenges and obstacles he’s facing.  In a separate interaction, another client shared events from the previous week in a rational and calm voice; her words, while clear didn’t match the heavy energy present in the room with us.

In both cases there was so much happening beyond the words and awareness of both individuals.  The conversation that unfolded as we explored the disconnect and the lessons their bodies were giving them allowed a much deeper experience and level of insight.  

I was struck in both conversations with a sense of yearning. Yearning is such a rich word – notice where you feel it in your body as you read it and say it to yourself.  Yearning is dreaming but with a pinch of urgency; a deep desire for something. What were they yearning for?  What do you yearn for?

Regardless of the path to get there, how long it takes, how many wrong turns we make, following our energy and asking for its wisdom is essential.  Without it we are left to live from our heads, where we may have great skill; however, on its own our rational head can’t deliver us to our full purpose.