A Salad Meditation

In this current reality where work and home are more intimately intertwined than ever, I feel like it makes sense to share with our WorkModern audience an experience I had on Friday. 

After a busy week including a few coaching sessions, a few facilitated groups sessions, writing, designing curriculum with Michelle, helping my daughter with her school work, reading her book two of Harry Potter, arguing with my 13 year old to get off Fortnite, keeping the house somewhat tidy, preparing meals, walking the dog, and trying desperately to finish a book, I was exhausted. 

By Friday afternoon I had reached my limit, and I still needed to prepare dinner for my family.  Friday night dinner is a special time for us, full of long standing traditions and particular foods. We typically spend it with our larger extended families, but with social distancing that has been replaced by a weekly Zoom gathering before we all say goodbye to eat on our own. 

On another night I might have needed a walk or a nap, but on Friday I knew I needed to be in the kitchen. I knew that was the place and cooking was the activity that would help me unwind from my week. I closed my computer, put my phone away and went downstairs. I pulled out the cutting board and all the ingredients I needed. I made sure the counters were clear and the sink clean. I sent everyone away so I had the space to myself. I started with a salad.

I pulled each lettuce leaf off one by one and washed it in cool water. The sensation of the water felt so soothing on my hands. 

I chopped celery and while doing so, I took some nice deep breaths.

I peeled and chopped carrots noticing the unusual carrot colours of red and yellow. I appreciated the personality these added to the bowl. 

I sliced a cucumber enjoying how easily the knife moved through the skin and how little effort it took, almost as if gravity alone was doing the job.

Finally, I halved a handful of cherry tomatoes and sprinkled them over the top.

And on I went, making salad dressing, potatoes, roast chicken, and a sauce for some leftover asparagus.

Sometimes finding myself in the kitchen in this Covid reality has felt like a burden; however, on Friday it was exactly where I needed to be. 

It forced me to slow down, to breath, to smell, to really see, to touch, and to taste.

The making of a simple salad helped me to end my week in peace.

It reminded me that we can find wisdom and calm in the everyday tasks on our list, so long as we can pause and choose to engage with them mindfully.  They are mini-meditations which you can use to support your physical, emotional and mental capacity in this challenging time.