The beauty of working from home? Your office can be as beautiful as the rest of your home. You've ditched the grey walls and fluorescent lights... it's time to define your workspace. WorkModern will help you find the most stylish desks, creative storage, sophisticated seating and useful productivity tools to boost both you output and your mood.

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Bradley Bookcase

2007_08_dania_bradley_bookcase.jpgDania's Bradley Bookcase has four rows of four square shelves with drawers floating in the middle to provide some closed storage. We've seen similar shelves -- sans drawers -- used as room dividers. We wonder whether the back is finished in a way to allow for that with this piece? If so, this would create a nice way to separate the work area from the entertaining area.


I-Con Desk

2007_09_icon_desk.jpgThe I-Con Desk is a retro curved desk of white Corian and black stained walnut drawers with chrome legs that would look right at home among your sleekest mid-century pieces. Available through the Conran Shop, it's not cheap -- the desk alone is $6400 and the matching drawer unit pushes the total to just shy of ten grand. Additional sizes and configurations are available on a custom basis.


Hold-it Bookends

chiasso_hold-it_bookends.jpgPut your bookends to work! These polished aluminum Hold-it Bookends from Chiasso can hold pens & pencils, be used as vases or hold anything else you care to keep close at hand. Weighted to securely hold your volumes upright.

$48 - pair

Locker Corner Desk

pb_locker_corner.jpgLooking for an industrial look for your home office, yet still want a splash of color? PB Teen (shh... we won't tell) has a whole series of locker-inspired furniture, including their Locker Corner Desk. The desk includes a hardwood work surface with a metal frame. Choose from nine different drawer colors -- you can even mix-and-match any color combo.

$999 for Frame & 6 Drawers

Componibili Storage

2007_07_dwr_Componibili.jpgWe remember seeing these tubular storage cabinets when we were a kid in the late-70's and they were popular the first time around. Now DWR has brought back the Componibili storage cabinets. Available in red, white or silver, they also come in the choice of 2 or 3 compartments and 12.5" of 16.5" diameter.


Thonet S 845 Desk Chair

We came across this gorgeous chair today from German chair manufacturer Thonet, and it should hopefully be available through their exclusive distributor ICF Source sometime soon. The S 845 DRE has wood sides that warm up this very sleek design, allowing it to fit a variety of styles. The line also includes sidechairs, dining chairs and a lounge chair with ottoman that's the best looking chair for a den since Eames.


Builtby Lamps
Just because lighting is modern doesn't mean it can't be full of fun color. The Builtby Lamps from Inhabit come in a number of colors and patterns (this one's our favorite) sure to make a bold statement on your desk. Even cooler, they can be reconfigured in any way when you want to change things up. (Via Uncrate)


Loop Desk

2007_07_CB_loopdesk.jpgAll too often, our living room or bed room pulls double duty as our home office, too. Thanks to Crate & Barrel though, that doesn't mean having to settle for two different looks in the same room. Their new Loop Desk looks great by itself, but an added bonus for those with multi-function rooms is how well it plays with C&B's Loop bedroom collection line as well as their media collection. The Loop collection also includes additional office-specific pieces such as the Loop File and Loop File with Hutch.


PowerSquid Outlet Multiplier

2007_08_powersquid.jpgTraditional power strips don't play well with all of the large transformer plugs that so many gadgets and computer components require. Rather than wasting outlets because they are hidden beneath black boxes, the PowerSquid Outlet Multiplier's flexible outlets ensure all are usable. Because who wants three power strips cluttering up the floor under their sleek minimalist desk?


Cadman Work Station

westelm_cadman_workstation.jpgWant a workspace that's as sexy as your iMac? The Canman Work Station from West Elm will match your iMac perfectly whether you've got the newest model or the last generation -- the Cadman series comes in both white and silver, and allows for a variety of configurations to suit your space and needs.

$479 (3 piece L-Config.)

Bamboo Lattice Desktop File

containerstore_bamboo_filebox.jpgYou left the drab plastic and metal desk organizers behind when you fled your cubicle. Bring the warmth of natural materials to your desktop with Container Store's Bamboo Lattice Desktop File to keep your hanging files organized and within easy reach. Not only does the bamboo look great, but it's also better for the environment. Coordinating products include magazine boxs, desk accessories and letter trays.


Apple iMac

apple_imac.jpgApple unveiled their latest iMac, which comes in a choice of 20 or 24-inch screen size and prices from $1199 to $1799. The new desktop features a sexy aluminum and black glass case that evokes the iPhone as well as the current Apple high end displays.

From $1199

Studio Chair

chiasso_studio_office_chair.jpgWe've long wanted to add the Eames Management Chair to our own home office, but at $1200 it's a bit steep for our budget.

Chiasso's new Studio Chair has very similar lines to the Eames original, yet costs only a quarter of the price. Available in black or white leather-grain vinyl.


Socket Pocket

socket_pocket.jpgWho doesn't have a million chargers for all their portable gadgets -- iPods, digital cameras, cell phones... and who doesn't have enough easily accessible outlets for all these chargers? We're constantly having to avoid stepping on our electronic lifelines as they sit on the floor in the front hall. The Socket Pocket prodives a perfect spot to store your gear while it's charging, safely out of reach of our feet.


Sapien Bookcase

dwr_sapien_bookcase.jpgIf your night stand is anything like ours, it can sometime resemble the Chicago skyline -- only much less stable. The Sapien Bookcase, available in short and tall, will store your books and media with much more securely in a nice, compact stack.

$200 (short)
$300 (tall)

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